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Posted on: March 29th, 2021

SITUATION: You have a transferee being relocated through your corporate client’s relocation program, including the sale of the transferee’s former residence through a home sale program. The transferee and their family have moved to their new destination location so the transferee can begin work.

While settling in, the transferee must also deal with the sale of the prior home, including all the paperwork necessary to transfer title to a home once it is sold. The problem is, your transferee is new in town and has no idea where to find a notary public, let alone witnesses.

SOLUTION: MRES and MBMP have a solution to this common frustration among transferring employees – Mobile Notary Services!

How does it work? To get started, your transferee simply needs to advise us that they need a notary for their transfer documents. We then work with them to schedule an appointment to bring the notary (and witnesses, where needed) to your transferee, at your location of choice, anywhere in the country. The notary comes to them, with the signature-ready set of the documents required for the transfer of property in the state where transferee’s former home is located.

Following the appointment, the mobile notary also handles getting the signed, witnessed and notarized original documents returned to us. This way, your transferee and their family can get on with settling into their new location with one less major headache. Plus, the cost of the notary services should be a covered relocation expense.

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