Posted on: April 14th, 2014

To: All those clients, friends and family of Morreale & Brady, P.C.
From: Joan M. Brady, SCRP, GMS, Attorney at Law

In the mail this week I received correspondence from an entity claiming that their records show that there is a deed from the date I purchased my home which indicates that I have an ownership interest in my property and it listed my address. I am glad to know that I own my home!

It further stated that at the time of my purchase a deed was prepared and shows that the title was transferred to me, and this document was recorded in the county where my property is located. Again, glad to know that I own my home!

It goes on to claim that “The U.S. Government website” recommends that property owners should obtain an “official” copy of their deed, and for the mere price of $79.50, I can give them my credit card information and they will obtain a certified copy of my deed for me.

This is not government entity of any kind, nor is anyone required to take them up on their offer in order to obtain such a copy. The letter does further down include a disclaimer that they are not affiliated with the State of Illinois. These types of companies used to send out a letter that made it appear that you had to obtain a copy and they were the only game in town.

If you have been represented by our firm, or other reputable attorney who handles real estate transaction, you already have this information from when you purchased your home. Copies should also have been forwarded to you once the deed was recorded. Once the deed has been recorded it is now only documentary evidence that your deed was in fact recorded. This information can be obtained for substantially less than the $79.50 required in the letter offer. Most residential deeds are between 2-4 pages in length.

Fees from the various recorders’ offices in the northern Illinois counties are as follows:


Cook County – certified copies $20 for 2 pages plus $2/page thereafter.
Non-certified copies $10 for 2 pages plus $1/page thereafter.
DuPage County – $0.50/page plus $5.00 certification fee.
Lake County – certified copies $29 for 4 pages plus $1/page thereafter.
Non-certified copies $1/page
Will County – certified copies $37.75 for 4 pages, plus $1/page thereafter.
Kane County – certified copies $32.00 for 4 pages, plus $1/page thereafter.

THERE IS NOTHING THAT YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO!  If you do have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office.

Happy Spring!

Joan Brady